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My.Edinboro Portal    


Access to your email, D2L, SCOTS, and additional University services are here, along with news, weather, Facebook, and many other options. The portal can be accessed by the link below or by clicking on MyEdinboro on the main EUP homepage ( Login with your network username (email address without the and password.
To log in:


SCOTS Account - The Student Centered Online Transaction System (SCOTS) allows students to prepare or make changes to their schedule, display their detailed schedule, view their academic transcript and grades, track their progress toward their degree, review their financial aid requirements and awards and more.  You can access the SCOTS site through the MyEdinboro portal by clicking on the SCOTS icon shown to the left. 

EUP Email Icon

Edinboro eMail Account - Email addresses are created for students when they are accepted at Edinboro University.  They consist of an 8 digit random username with '' appended to the end of that username.  For example, if Jane Doe's username is "JD090345" her email address would be however her user name to access the MyEdinboro portal would be JD090345. You can access your email through the MyEdinboro portal by clicking on the icon shown to the left.


eBilling - The eBilling system offers students and their families a safe means of receiving electronic account statements and secure methods of making web-based payments. You can access the eBill site through the MyEdinboro portal by clicking on the icon shown to the left.

D2L Icon

D2L - Online Courses  - Edinboro University uses a Learning Management System (LMS) called Desire2Learn (D2L) to support the university's fully online courses and programs; blended/hybrid courses; and supplements face-to-face courses. You can access the D2L site through the MyEdinboro portal by clicking on the icon shown to the left.


Parking Permits - Parking permits are required to park on campus. Students may purchase a parking permit decal at the University Police Station located at Scotland Road. For questions please call 814-732-2921. You can access the Parking site through the MyEdinboro portal by clicking on the icon shown to the left.

University ID  Cards    

IT is recommended that all admitted students obtain a University ID card. University ID cards are issued in the ID Access Center located in the lobby of Van Houten Dining Hall. For additional information, call 814-732-2635. Or visit

What to do after you are admitted?

  1. Apply for financial aid. Apply early—complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at by the required filing date. Edinboro University has a preferred filing date of March 15th. You must re-apply for aid each year.

  2. Using your Edinboro email account contact your advisor, listed on your admissions letter, regarding your recent admission and develop a plan of study regarding the sequence of your courses.

  3. When registration for your semester is available log into SCOTS (directions below) and register for your courses.

  4. After registering (will need course number and professor information) access the bookstore to view/order your textbooks. Bookstore homepage:

  5. Company/School District Reimbursement Plan - Edinboro University accepts employer benefit plans through arrangements with the Bursar's Office by completing the employer tuition reimbursement agreement form.  

Accessing  My.Edinboro Portal

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the My.Edinboro Portal link on the black task bar or type in My Edinboro in the search box.
  3. Click on the NEWLY ADMITTED STUDENTS icon.
  4. Enter your Edinboro University email and student id (listed in your acceptance letter) and complete all boxes.
  5. Click change password
  6. Close the open tab and go back to and click on My.Edinboro.
  7. Enter your username (first half of your Edinboro email, everything before the @ symbol) and the password you just created. Click Log in.
  8. Welcome to the My.Edinboro Portal where you can access all EUP related information, schedule for your courses in SCOTS, pay your bill in ebill, access your online course through D2L, etc.
  9. Please check the right area of the page if you see two green check marks you have completed all initial password requirements. If you see red x’s you have skipped a step, simply click on the link by the red x to complete all initial log in requirements.
  10. If you experience any problems in accessing the portal contact us at 1-888-845-2890. 

Registering for classes

  1. Once in the portal click on the SCOTS icon.
  2. Click Registration
  3. Click Add/Drop Classes
  4. Choose start term
  5. Enter 999999 as your alternate pin
  6. Do not enter anything in the course search boxes, instead click on the Course search button at bottom of page
  7. Choose your subject area then click on Course Search
  8. Click the open box next to your course and then scroll to bottom of page and click register.
  9. Repeat steps  7-8 to register for additional courses
  10. If you receive errors contact our office at 1-888-845-2890.

If you have registered for an online course

  1. Please be aware that you may not have access to Online Campus (D2L) prior to the start of your course(s). You may review when your account will added/created from our enrollment schedule.

  2. Review the Technical Requirements and System Check  prior to accessing the learning environment.

  3. Orientations for Online Campus (D2L) are held at the beginning of every semester/session. To sign up for an orientation sessions, please access our orientation page. The technology department has also created tutorials and videos on how to access your course, basic functions of the learning environment and how you will submit assignments to your instructor. These tutorials can be found on the Online Campus (D2L) Support page.

  4. You must log into your course on the first day of classes. Once you have entered the D2L icon you must click on the active course link(s) for attendance. If you do not access your course you may be un-enrolled as a non-attended student.

  5. If you experience any problems accessing your online course, please contact our 24/7 support line at 877-325-7778 or review our Contact Information and FAQs pages for more information.