MA in Communication Studies

"The Master of Arts in Communication Studies (MACS) program offers students opportunities for advancing their careers in managerial and leadership communication, integrated marketing communication, and intercultural/international and pubic communication, while honing skills in conflict management and dispute mediation. Graduates of the program work in managerial capacities in business and non-profit organizations (universities, hospitals, insurance companies, media) nationally and internationally, further develop their careers in teaching professions (elementary, secondary and community colleges), and enhance know-how in public relations, advertising and marketing. Some go on for doctoral studies at Research 1 institutions and launch careers as university professors and scholars. The MACS program is a great place to advance or launch your career."-Dr. Andrew Smith- Program Head

The study of communication is important to virtually every profession that involves work­ing with people – education, advertising and public relations, management and marketing, health care and social services, politics and public services, and other organizational and institutional contexts, public and private. The Master of Arts in Com­munication Studies (MACS) program seeks to develop a students’ specialized knowl­edge and skill in the following areas of emphasis:  managerial and leadership communication, integrated marketing communication, intercultural and international communication, and public communication.  Students also have the option of obtaining the Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management concurrently with their program of study.  A Master of Communication Studies develops capabilities to initiate and advance his or her professional career in one or more of these areas, to work with and serve others in diverse communities with dignity and respect, and to understand the complexities associated with learning and communicat­ing ethical and cultural values.

CareerProjected Statewide GrowthProjected National GrowthPA Median SalaryU.S. Median Salary
Advertising and Promotional Managers 5.0% 13.0% $130,100 $88,600
Marketing Managers 7.0% 14.0% $134,800 119,500
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers 6.0% 16.0% $96,300 $95,500
Human Resources Managers 8.0% 13.0% $111,500 $99,700
Public Relations Specialists  11.0% 23.0% $53,700 $54,200
Sales Managers 3.0% 12.0% $106,100 $105,200
Administrative Services Managers 5.0% 15.0% $88,600 $81,100
Market Research Analysts and MarketingSpecialists 30.0% 41.0% $58,400 $60,300
Human Resources Specialist 14.0% 21.0% $58,000 $55,800

Salary and job outlook information obtained from O*NET OnLine.

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