MS in Biology

The Master of Science degree in Biology is designed to provide graduate training in biology for biology teachers, for individuals preparing for advanced study leading to the earning of a doctorate, or for individuals who have chosen an industrial vocation. The curriculum will enable a student to broaden his or her background in the biological sciences, to specialize in an area of biology and to gain experience in research. There are two areas of concentration: Ecology and Medical Sciences.

OccupationProjected Job Growth in PAProjected National Job GrowthPA Median SalaryNational Median Salary
Genetic Counselors 12.0% 19.0% $52,200 $56,800
Biologist N/A 19.0% N/A $69,850
Microbiologist 12.0% 13.0% $63,500 $66,300
Zoologist's and Wildlife Biologist's 0.0% 7.0% $49,100 $57,700
Natural Sciences Managers 8.0% 8.0% $141,800 $115,700
Epidemiologists 15.0% 24.0% $73,800 $65,300

*Salary and job growth information obtained from O*NET OnLine.

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