MEd in Educational Leadership

"The programs in Educational Leadership provide opportunities for school and school-related personnel to develop their leadership style and acquire skills to lead at the classroom, building, and district levels. Hundreds of web-based students around the globe have taken advantage of our Nationally Recognized Programs in Educational Leadership. Developing leaders that promote the success of all students continues to be the driving force in our program. This is demonstrated by the dedication of our program faculty who strive to meet the needs of our graduate students and assist each one of them along their leadership journey."- Dr. A. Pushchak- Program Head

The coursework and related experiences prepare the M.Ed. candidate to promote the success of all students by being a leader within their classroom, school, or district. Emphasis is placed on determining candidate’s own personal leadership vision and leadership style while at the same time learning to lead others. Common educational leadership threads throughout the program include: (a) Research and Scholarship, (b) Use of Data, and (c) Operational Language.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Edinboro University's School of Graduate Studies at (814)732-2856, toll-free at (888) 845-2890 or by email at