MEd in Special Education

"The addition of a Teaching Certificate in Special Education to your current credentials can enrich your teaching skills and enhance your qualifications in the job market."-Dr. Juanita Kasper- Program Head

There are two options available for students wishing to pursue Master of Education Degrees in Special Education.

Individuals who hold undergraduate certification in Elementary Education (K-6, P-4 or 4-8) from an accredited institution may enroll in the M.Ed. in Special Education with certification*. The courses are designed to meet all Pennsylvania Department of Education Special Education guidelines and Council for Exception Children standards. The program is 36 credits and requires a one-week residency on campus during the first summer of your program.

* This certification may not be recognized by any other state.

The Master of Education degree program for students who are currently certified in Special Education is designed to develop and improve knowledge of and performance in core professional competencies related to the field of special education. Additionally, students develop expertise in a chosen area of specialization, (autism or behavior management). The program is 30 credits and requires a one-week residency on campus during the first summer of your program.

OccupationProjected Job Growth in PAProjected National Job GrowthPA Median SalaryNational Median Salary
Preschool Special Education Teachers 6.0% 21.0% $44,500 $52,500
Kindergarten and Elementary School Special EducationTeachers 6.0% 21.0% $55,300 $53,800
Middle School Special Eduation Teachers 6.0% 20.0% $58,600 $55,800
Adult Basic and Secondary Education and Literacy Instructors 4.0% 15.0% $43,200 $48,600
Secondary School Special Education Teachers -6.0% 7.0% $57,700 $56,800

*Salary and job growth information obtained from O*NET OnLine.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Edinboro University's School of Graduate Studies at (814)732-2856, toll-free at (888) 845-2890 or by email at